Why General
Cleaning Co?

Excellence, Professionalism, Trust

Our Story

Our beginning was fuelled on the guiding principle that we are here to create value for people. We believe in doing our best to contribute to the community by providing comprehensive solutions to everyday problems. Our aim is to always find new ways to maximise accessibility to our services.

In our effort to become a world-class service provider, everyone at General Cleaning Co shares the same central commitment to innovation. Our team is always striving to deliver better results, responsibly.

Our inception as an Australian, family-owned company has seen us pioneer new solutions that have delivered improved health outcomes, minimised safety hazards and maximised value for clients. Our team has demonstrated an aptitude for unconventional problem-solving and are constantly seeking new ways to deliver optimum results for all stakeholders. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that we put people and the environment first. That’s why Australians are choosing to partner with General Cleaning Co.

A family owned and operated business, General Cleaning Co was founded by Nikolas Baric (pictured left), and was soon joined by his father Draz Baric (pictured right) as the business experienced exceptional growth.

Committed to outstanding service

What sets General Cleaning Co apart from the crowd is our complete service offer. We have developed a huge range of services we can offer our clientele to ensure the highest standards are maintained at their premises. Our highly trained and experienced supervisors can, at any time call on our specialised service team to assist in asset maintenance.

Every day the team at General Cleaning Co works to improve our business and to ultimately create better outcomes for our customers. These outcomes are underpinned by our desire to create cleaner, safer and more sustainable workplaces.

  • A reputation for excellence

  • Unparalleled safety and quality assurance

  • A market leader, with a focus on innovation and sustainability

Our Values

Our mission is to foster the best teams to create value for people by using industry leading innovation and old-school, quality service.

We aim to become a world-class service provider who excels in developing new standards in hygiene, safety and infrastructure maintenance.

Innovation provides solutions. Creativity forges innovation. Quality should always be a given. General Cleaning Co is committed to maintaining this philosophy.

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